biblical foundations

Inspiring to Mission

  • developing a Biblicial worldview

    A worldview is a set of beliefs and presuppositions, usually acquired and acted upon without conscious thought. This interactive will help participants be aware of foundational influences on one’s worldview and the values that are underneath the surface of the choices we make. Participants will recognize cultural perspectives that often unwittingly get incorporated into one’s understanding and practice of the Christian faith. The discussions will raise awareness of the difference between professed beliefs and operant beliefs, further equipping group members to grow in integrating a biblical perspective into all areas of life. Participants will consider seven important questions of spiritual theology that will provide a framework in developing a biblical perspective and thus maturing the believer to be more holistically conformed to the image of Christ.

  • women in scripture

    Participants will explore God's perspective on women and wrestle with integrating this into their own value system. In order to do this, participants will explore both the Old and New Testaments to discover the various ways the image of God is represented in women, will embrace what God specifically says about women and will recognize contemporary applications of these truths to life.  

  • principles of effective bible study

    Examines Bible study and interpretation skills applied to a teaching ministry. This interactive will introduce and apply foundational principles of effective Bible study that can be used for personal study and small group Bible study leadership. Hands-on activities and assignments will help develop observational skills of the English text. Participants will learn to apply hermeneutical principles to various biblical genres with the goal of interpreting the text based on its historical/cultural and literary context. Application of the meaning of the text for spiritual formation will be emphasized as well. 

  • Essentials of prayer

    Prayer may be seen as a mystery, because it involves a relationship with Someone we cannot fully understand. This interactive explores what the Bible teaches about the purpose of prayer, the role of prayer for the believer, how prayer unites God’s people, and key understandings of prevailing prayer. Experiential opportunities for prayer will help reinforce key concepts and serve as models for an effective prayer life.

  • Spiritual formation

    This interactive gives participants the opportunity to specify and articulate some of the crucial avenues that lead the Christian toward greater intimacy with the Lord and greater maturity in the Christian walk. Our time together will emphasize the role of the Gospel in ongoing spiritual formation by promoting a sense of relational Christianity (as opposed to a performance-based Christianity). This relational Christianity is focused on appropriating Truth and yielding to the Spirit in love. The goal is for participants to grow in the knowledge of self and the knowledge of God, two essential components for spiritual maturity. The role of the body of Christ will be explored, setting spiritual maturity in its proper relational context of community.

  • Basics of Soul Care

    This class will examine the importance of caring for our own soul. We'll explore how applying God's truth in the midst of life's challenges can keep your soul strong and healthy.  Since pain is an inevitable part of this world, we will work to develop a theology of suffering, understanding how God uses pain as part of the spiritual formation process. Instead of running from it, trying to numb it or pray it away, we will begin to ask the question of what God may be up to in our lives as we process through pain. This class will also address the value of inviting others to pour into us.