biblical leadership

Equipping for Ministry

  • biblical foundations of leadership

    This interactive will discuss how to develop a philosophy of ministry and expose participants to organization and administration principles of effective leadership. We will look at the life of Jesus to learn from Him as the Master Teacher, Leader and Discipler. Together we will explore Scripture to see how leaders address heart issues in the lives of people they serve. Leadership from a biblical perspective will be countercultural and seek to reinforce living in light of Kingdom values. Each participant will have the opportunity to assess her own strengths and weaknesses as a leader, allowing this process to improve her leadership by being more strategic and surrendered. 

  • women in ministry

    This interactive will provide a framework to analyze and develop a biblical philosophy of women in ministry. This includes exploring frequently asked questions about women in ministry, how to work in a mixed gender leadership team, and being a minister of reconciliation to promote unity in the Church. In this process, we will explore key Scriptures, use solid interpretive skills, and discuss practical implications for the learner's context.

    Prerequisite:Women in Scripture

  • transformational teaching

    In this interactive, participants will examine best practices for teaching ministries. We will explore the teaching-learning process that is embedded in educational experiences, whether in the classroom or in interpersonal settings. Learning theories and educational practices will help guide participants to strategically use proven theories in ministry settings, understand how humans acquire new knowledge, and embrace truth for transformational life change.

  • relational skills for ministry

    How do we handle the various types of relationship challenges that come our way? Leaders, especially, find themselves seeking to minister to a wide variety of people, while at the same time dealing with their own emotions and human nature. This interactive will examine our call to be ministers of reconciliation in this world and the practical application of biblical principles involved. We will explore the balance between grace and truth in our relationships and will discuss approaches to resolving conflicts and building up the body of Christ.

    Prerequisite: Biblical Foundations of Leadership

  • facilitating spiritual formation / soul care

    This interactive will help you understand how to cast vision for spiritual growth in those to whom you minister. It will examine the Soul Care ministry of Jesus and help participants learn to deal with the tension of personal needs versus the needs of the world. Participants will learn to recognize stages of spiritual growth in those to whom we minister and be introduced to basic soul care methodology that is embedded in the larger story of God’s redemptive work.

    Prerequisite: Spiritual Formation & Basics of Soul Care

  • equipping others for ministry

    Equipping others for ministry is a part of our calling from God (Eph. 4:11-13). But how do we work with others so we reach maturity together? This interactive will help you see that ministry is not just about doing the ministry yourself but teaching others to join you in various arenas of ministry. You will learn about God’s equipping ministry in your own life and be challenged to imitate His methods of entrusting others with redemptive work through His Spirit. We will explore various methods of equipping others, including mentoring, coaching and modeling, and will address the challenges of recruiting, training and retaining volunteers or key staff members.